Leagues / Associations

Whether you aim to secure a general sponsor for your league or association, or you require proof of the advertising and media value for a sponsor, we at United Synergies can help you to find this information, so that satisfied sponsors can become the economic basis of your sporting success.
We analyse and calculate the advertising value for each means of advertising that you offer to your sponsors, from ties to jerseys, interview walls, columns, special forms of advertising such as balloons, to the analysis or calculation of the value of a name sponsorship of your league or association.
We at United Synergies help you to discover the value and advertising value potential that your league or association can offer its sponsors. Whether current or future sponsorships, we calculate and assess sponsor packages to ensure that they are consistent and harmonious with the financial commitment of the sponsor.
In addition, the calculated media value of your league or association provides information about the media presence during the whole season and illustrates, so to speak, the advertising value potential that your clubs or sponsors can generate from this.

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