6 good reasons

1 Transparency in the evaluation
due to clearly documented, recognised and understandable analysis and assessment criteria.
The media observation, analysis and evaluation, as well as the analysis criteria and assessment models are conducted under transparent, uniform, internationally accepted, quantitative and qualitative aspects and in fundamental compliance with the FASPO Convention on Calculating and Charging for Performance Values in Sponsoring (Professional Sponsoring Association FASPO, www.faspo.de).
The results shown are therefore of national and international validity, relevance and comparability.
Complete documentation makes every single measurement in TV and print understandable and verifiable. The different results elements of the analysis provide detailed information about the visibility and value of the advertising resources and sponsor packages deployed, which means that they are an ideal working and information tool for event organisers and sponsors.

2 Management summary reports
Competent and clear preparation of data, especially for decision-makers. They can see at a glance the cost-benefit ratio of a sponsorship and the success of the commitment, also those of the advertising resources and sponsoring packages deployed.

3 Quick provision of data and trends
thanks to ad-hoc analyses immediately after an event and trend studies (sponsoring barometer) before and during a season.

4 Exclusive data management for the client
The data collected are available exclusively to the client(s) and are disclosed to third parties only with the client’s consent.
So that you can use your knowledge advantage to give you a competitive edge!

5 Content analysis
Qualitative evaluation of the editorial reporting – did you get a “good press” or negative reporting? How did the competitors do?
With this tool you know quickly which media and journalists you need to approach. And also who will be allowed to sit at the front in the next press conference…

6 Since 1994
United Synergies has been a leading provider of media presence and advertising value analyses for companies, sponsors, athletes and event organisers.
We help you to know about the value and efficiency of your media presence, sponsorship or event.

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