Sponsors, or the sponsor representatives of a company, are not only faced with a wide range of options in terms of available sponsorships, for example in sport or culture, but they must also be able to justify the commitment and show a successful balance.
We at United Synergies are happy to help you, and can support you from the planning stage to success monitoring.

Sponsor and event potential analyses
As a planning basis for future events, we create analyses of the performance capability of an event for potential sponsors (expected advertising value for sponsors, value of sponsor packages).
We calculate for sponsors to what extent the financial scope of their commitment appears economically justifiable and which advertising means will position them best.

Ad-hoc analyses
Quick provision of data and trends by means of ad-hoc analyses immediately after an event and trend studies (sponsoring barometer) both before and during a season.
These analyses inform you about the current advertising value of the event and expected developments. You will then know whether the advertising means used have been placed completely as agreed by contract, which competitors are present with which advertising resources, and how you can optimise the existing sponsorship.

Media presence and advertising value analyses
During or after an event/season you will receive comprehensive reports on the media presence of the advertising means that you have invested, the contact chances achieved in TV, print, internet and radio, and the resulting advertising value.
Comprehensive documentation provides information about each evaluation and serves as a monitoring and working tool.

Sponsor analysis
Upon request and after a short briefing we will be happy to send you a sample version of a media presence and advertisement value analysis. Please contact office@united-synergies.at

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